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NEW Z3 HUB with 6 ports to connect all your Z3 Siren products


Different size and shape buttons are located quickly allowing you to operate all the light and siren functions without taking your eyes off the road
Backlight brightness is officer adjustable giving you the appropriate lighting for your eyes
PA Microphone is officer adjustable to meet varying noise conditions
PA stuck mic sensor automatically returns the siren to normal function should the microphone get stuck in PA mode
Built in “Battery Voltage Check” Sensor shuts down lights and sirens when voltage runs below a programmed setting. No more dead batteries after a call!
Sleep Mode Timer to shut the lights and siren off after a specific preset time if the ignition is turned off
Horn-ring transfer allows you to effortlessly scroll through siren functions on steering wheel without having to take your eyes off the road
Built-in Park Kill to automatically turn lights and siren functions off when vehicle is put in park. Feature also designed for positive or ground inputs so that park kill can also be activated by other inputs