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Code 3 XCEL Siren

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Designed and Manufactured in the USA, the XCEL siren offers a host of new features that were designed to make it easy for the officer to use as well as for the installer and service technicians to install.



XCEL at Programming:

  • 3-Level slide switch can be programmed as independent, semi-progressive, or progressive giving you more options when configuring your siren
  • Unique programming features including latching of Auxiliary buttons to level outputs allow the officer to keep their eyes on the road for longer periods of time
  • Backlighting on buttons can be adjusted to the officer’s preference
  • Program CA T13 compliance with the flip of a switch

XCEL at Installing:

  • Positive or Negative Park-Kill and Horn-Ring Transfer triggers allow for easy installation on all vehicle types
  • Visual notification of switching and programming functions makes for easy installation and service
  • Plug ‘n Play fuses and connections make for easy installation and service

XCEL at Troubleshooting:

  • Constant visual identification test of speaker integrity and lighting functions make for the fastest siren diagnostics on the market

Design Features

  • 12 and 24 volt sirens now available!
  • 5 Rotary Switch Positions, Standby (STBY), Wail, Yelp, Alt Tone, and Radio Rebroadcast (RAD)
  • Oversized Manual Wail and Air Horn Buttons
  • 6 Programmable Auxiliary Buttons
  • 11 Built-in Automotive Style Fuses
  • 12 Dip Switches for Configuring
  • Plug ‘n Play Input/Output Connectors
  • Wail, Yelp, and Alt Tone (Hyper-Yelp or Hi-Lo)
  • Aux Button F can be 8 second or on/off
  • Aux Button E can be configured Hands-Free and works with Horn-Ring Transfer
  • 3-Level Switch can be split into 3A and 3B for Park-Kill Application
  • Horn Ring Transfer, Horn Ring Always, and Hands Free Mode
  • Light Alert
  • Siren Must be Used with Ignition