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Code 3 Wingman Flex

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The WingMan Flex series is an exciting evolution of our current WingMan interior light. The WingMan Flex series utilizes a universal curve so that it fits all common police sedans. Additional models on the C3Vue.


Virtually undetectable from outside the vehicle
Gaskets eliminate flashback

Design Features

Universal curve allows the WingMan Flex to fit all common police sedans.
Three different lengths: Long (8 Head & 6 Head LEDs, Short (4 Head LEDs), and Mini (2 Head LEDs)
Set of universal L brackets included
Compatible with new Central Controller board
Exceptionally bright

Standard Options

Comes in Single Color, MultiColor, or Multi/Single Color combinations
Pursuit Vehicle brackets for the Interceptor Sedan, Charger, Impala and Caprice
Central Controller or Independent Flashing, and can be ordered with internal wiring allowing it to be controlled by a NarrowStik Controller.
For Any Configuration not seen here contact us!