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Wistol Supply

Feniex Wide-Lux 6X4

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24 Flash Patterns

180 degree light spread

Syncs with:

o Cannon

o T3

Available brake, tail and turn capability

Dim mode capable

Includes chrome bezel surface mount and mounting hardware

Available Colors: R, A, B, W, RW, BW, AW, RB, RA, BA

Lens options: Clear, Amber, Red and Blue

Rugged weather-resistant enclosure


Product # A-4600

5 year warranty

Dimensions with bezel: 4.75″ H x 7″ L x 1″ W

Dimensions without bezel: 4.15″ H x 6.15″ L x 1″ W

Certifications SAE J595, CT13, SAE J1119, NFPA, KKK

Cable Harness Length: 10 Inches

18 high power 4 Watt Cree LED’s

Voltage 12VDC

Current Draw 1.25A

Made in the USA