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Wistol Supply

Code 3 Torus 3-UP & 6-UP

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Torus LED technology supercedes Optix


Torus technology offers more superior light output than its Optixpredecessor
Design Features
3-Up & 6-Up Models
5-Flash Patterns in 3-Up
21 Flash Patterns in 6-Up
Clear lens

Standard Options

Black ABS or Chrome Finish Bezel
Red, Blue, or Amber Lenses
Amber, Red, Blue, or White LEDs 3-Up Single Color only 6-up Available in Split Colors
Waterproof Plug
General Specifications
3-Up Modules: 4.7″L x 1.8″W x 1.75″D (119 x 46 x 45 mm)
6-Up Modules: 7.5″L x 1.8″W x 1.75″D (191 x 46 x 45 mm)