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Code 3 Supervisor Flex

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SuperVisor Flex is available in MultiColor (18-up) and Single color (9-up) using the latest Torus LED technology. For ease of installation, it also comes with a quick-disconnect center connector cord. The Flex lightheads are situated so they shine straight ahead while the LEDs are designed to spread light so they do not require aiming


Designed to fit all Police Pursuit Vehicles and Special Service Vehicles, plus many others!
Quick Disconnect allows users to install driver and passenger side separately, then connect together when complete making installation very efficient!
Minimizes light flashback with expertly designed gaskets. The adjustable side light-blocking shields have been designed specifically to block out flashback light.
No drilling required for mounting and looks like a part of the vehicle at 1.34″ tall

Design Features

Contoured for installation against the upper interior of the windshield between the sun visors and glass
Available in the latest technology of Torus MultiColor & Single Color LEDs
Torus Independent flashing Single LEDs available in Red, Blue, Amber, and White
Full size MultiColor has (6) 18-LED Lightheads in Red/White, Blue/White, Amber/White and Red/Blue,
Full size Single Color comes with these 4 configurations:
– (6) 9-up Torus lightheads
– (4) 9-ups and up to (4) Takedowns
– (4) 9-ups and up to (4) 3-up Torus IF (Independent Flashing) Light Heads
– (4) 9-ups and (2) Takedowns & (2) 3-up Torus IFs (Independent Flashing) Lightheads
The 3 LED Torus Lightheads are designed for forward direction of light
The 9 LED Single Color and 18 LED Multi Color Torus Light Heads are designed to spread light so they do not require aiming!
Includes (6) different Outer Mounting Bracket Versions and two each of (3) Different Inner Mounting Bracket Versions.
Two models are available for each design—full windshield and passenger only.
Takedowns on the full size single color version has several options: (1) or (2) takedowns on each side, or (1) or (2) 3-up LED lights, single on each side
Cable length between the driver and passenger side is 18″
19 Flash Patterns Available for Single Color Version
32 Flash Sequences and 12 Flash Patterns are Available for MultiColor Version
MultiColor Flash Sequences/Patterns are controlled by the Central Controller Box
Ability to wire to external flasher to flash takedown lights only (single color only).
Draws less than 6 amps on average