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Wistol Supply

Able2/Sho-Me Luminator Trio Light

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Solid array of 3-watt Luminator LEDs.
Compact housing mounts in a variety of locations.
Diffusing lenses on the outer Luminator LEDs spread light horizontally while the center Luminator LED provides concentrated forward light.
Internal flasher has 10 user-selectable flash patterns.
Can be synchronized with other Luminator Trio Lights, Luminator Quad Lights and Luminator Dash Pro Lights.
Choice of solid Luminator LED arrays in amber, blue, green, red or white.
Black housing with clear polycarbonate lens.
Knock-out holes for flush- or bail-mounting.
Available individually and in 2- or 4-light kits.
Each light comes with a bail bracket, gasket, hardware and 18″ pigtail wiring.
Kits include 2 or 4 lights and choice of 11.1002 or 11.1012 switch.
Made in the U.S.A.