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Able2/Sho-me LED Rechargeable Spot Light 09.34LED

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25+ hours continuous run time on a fully charged battery.
Perfect for electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, pest control operators – anyone who needs a room-illuminating light that lasts a long time on a single charge.
Whiter, brighter light from 34 LEDs positioned in metalized reflective chambers.
100,000 hour bulb life – never leaves you in the dark.
Five year warranty on LEDs.
Maintenance free LED array projects a wide pattern of light.
Multi-position adjustable base has positive-locking ratchets that maintain the desired angle of light for hands-free illumination.
Rechargeable battery provides dependable, portable, cordless operation – field-tested for more than 25 years.
LEDs prohibit deep battery discharge. Low amp draw conserves battery life.
Recyclable 6 volt, 4.5 amp/hour, sealed, lead-acid battery can be recharged 100’s of times.
Built-in overcharge protection and battery condition lights.
Neoprene-booted weather-proof toggle switch.
Contoured “sure-grip” handle is sized to accommodate large hands.
Quick-release charging base is available in three styles: 110V AC, DC Plug-In or DC Hardwire Charger.
Non-conductive housing is available in your choice of black, blue, red, safety green or yellow.
Light comes complete with one rechargeable battery and choice of AC, DC or DC hardwire charger.
Made in the U.S.A.