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Code 3 LED Hide a blast HB915

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LED lightheads for auxiliary or undercover warning in head and tail lights.


LED lights have a longer operating life than strobes, reducing the frequency of replacement
Easy mounting simplifies installation and returns vehicles to the field quickly
30 flash patterns provide more options for department use
Multiple colored LEDs allow use of the lights in both head light and tail light locations

Design Features

9 LEDs Per Lighthead
Amber, Blue, Red or White LEDs (Solid Color Modules Only)
Polycarbonate Clear Lens
30 Flash Patterns
Multiple Heads can be Synchronized
Mounting can be Vertical or Horizontal
Self-contained and Sealed Control Module – No Need for a Separate Flasher Module
Universal Fit for All Vehicles
15´ Cable
Mounts in a 1″ Hole (same size as a strobe tube)
Maintenance Free
Easy Installation

General Specifications

Diameter of base is 1.5″ or 38.1mm
Lens height is 1.072″ or 27.23mm
11-30 Volt DC, Negative or Positive Ground
0.6 Amp Draw at 13.8 VDC
5 Year Warranty