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Code Ford Police Interceptor Side Marker Light Housing

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The Ford Sedan Side Marker Light is specifically designed to fit into the side marker housing on the Ford PI sedan.



Additional warning to oncoming vehicles, especially at intersections
Easy to order and install

Design Features

XT4 LED lightheads with grommet in single or split colors of Red, Blue, Amber, or White and MultiColor R/W, R/B, B/W, B/A, R/A (order in pairs)
Easy to install with a pair of Code 3’s modified Ford side moldings designed to fit the XT4 lightheads
Rubber grommets for the XT4 are also ordered in pairs
XT4s can be Synchronized with any other XT Series and Hide-A-Blasts products
30 Flash Patterns

Standard Options

How to Order:

Order SMH-PIS – a pair of modified Ford side moldings designed to fit the XT4 lightheads. Includes (2) XT4RUBZ rubber grommets
Order (2) XT4 lightheads for each SMH-PIS