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Feniex One Controller

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Designed for fleets and fleet managers, the Feniex One is the world’s first autonomous controller. With integrated PA, full siren/light control and fleet-management tools, the Feniex One allows vehicle data to be monitored by the fleet manager when paired with the Feniex Web Live Fleet software. Optional OBD2 tracking device required for expanded functionality.

  • Nineteen total programmable outputs (sixteen tactile buttons and three buttons on LED touchscreen)
  • Access to over fifty automated vehicle triggers with OBD2
  • Integrated three-position programmable pursuit slide switch
  • Feniex Web Live Fleet software system available for user configurability, programming, and live fleet-health monitoring
  • integrated GPS timing chip for vehicle-to-vehicle flash-pattern syncing
  • Anti-glare MilSpec LCD touchscreen with brightness control
  • Allows two-wire daisy-chain serial connection to all Quad lighting products
  • Two year warranty