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Wistol Supply

Code 3 Pursuit Lightbar

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Design Features

  • Two unique levels of lighting in a 3” high lightbar
  • Single color upper LEDs are available in red, blue, or amber
  • Powerful lower level LEDs can be used as takedowns, alley, ArrowStik®, flashing and intersection lights and are available in red, blue, white, or amber
  • C3 Pro™ interface allows users to program unlimited flash pattern options
  • Corner intersection sweeping flash pattern for lower level lights
  • Integrated lens sealing system increases the longevity of the lightbar by preventing water ingress
  • Encapsulated control electronics for easy lighthead replacement
  • Serial network control: simplifies routing and installation with a thin, flexible wiring harness
  • PC programming software
  • Internal wiring channels neatly contain wires and eliminates pinched wiren

Standard Options

  • Auto Dimming with Photocell
  • Lower Level Traffic Director
  • Upper Lenses Available in Red, Blue, Amber or Clear
  • Internal Illuminated Sign Module (protected from weathering)
  • Standard and low profile adjustable mounting kit

All Pursuit Lightbars Are custom built to order. Prices listed are for the basic bar.  Contact us at 972-488-1211 or for a custom build