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Code 3 Citidel LED Spoiler Light

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New Flex Controller allows MultiColor lightheads to operate as a NarrowStik! Now available with Mega Thin LEDs!

Sharp Looking Rear Window Lighting! Shown is the 2015 Tahoe version.


Enhance rear-of-vehicle visibility on Ford and Chevy Police SUVs! This smartly designed exterior lighting unit is easily installed underneath the rear spoiler and provides the driver maximum rear window visibility at the same time eliminating any possibility of interior backflash.
Mega Thin LEDs provide excellent off-angle lighting
Mega Thin LEDs provide a slimmer front profile for Citadel
Mega Thin LEDs are much brighter than XT4s
With new flex controller you can change your all red or all blue lightheads to an amber NarrowStik or steady burn white for reverse.

Design Features

Fits Ford PI Utility and Explorer, and Chevy Tahoe and Suburban
Single Color: Red, Blue, Amber, White, or Green LEDs
MultiColor: Red/White, Red/Blue, Blue/White, Blue/Amber, Red/Amber, Amber/White
Easy to Install – No drilling of holes needed and installs in less than 30 minutes!
Sleek Bracketing for Rear Spoiler
Black Oxide Screws – Rust Resistant
(6) Citadel Designed XT4 Lightheads & Mega Thins (with snap in plugs)
Using Mega Thin LEDs simplifies wiring for reverse and steady burn white
Mega Thin LEDs allow for a larger range of flash patterns (29 for single/split color, 62 for MultiColor version)
ArrowStik functionality available with both XT4s & Mega Thin LEDs using the CELS package

Standard Options

How To Order Build-Your-Own:

Specify the vehicle type to determine brackets: Citadel-EXI: 2012-2013 Ford PI Utility and Explorer or Citadel-TH: 2010-2013 Tahoe and Suburban
Specify (6) XT4s or (6) Mega Thins
*The Citadel with Mega Thins with Flex Controller is ordered as 3 separate products: 1) Citadel for a specific vehicle, 2) Mega Thin MC lightheads, and 3) Flex controller.

*Rear Spoiler not included